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Osku Leinonen Photography

Osku Leinonen Photography – Contemplative Wall Art, Canvas Prints and Downloadable Photos. No more boring walls

You will find empowering wall art photography and aesthetic images. Photos are exotic and rarely or never seen or used, so there’s huge value of newness and Wow-effect, raw eye-catching power. All photos are available internationally as wall art prints, pictures and canvases, and as digital downloads (high-res photos with commercial license, also). Osku Leinonen Photography stock photo stores: http://www.oskuleinonenphotography and


A picture or piece of art is worth a thousand words.
An excellent piece to store memories of life’s journey.
Founded by Osku Leinonen, Osku Leinonen Photography is using photography in a therapeutic, contemplative way and a means to encourage you rediscover yourself.

It aims to aid people to see “beyond” daily life through their actions.
Osku Leinonen Photography builds up awareness about the magic behind photos.
Inspired by street photography, the founder is a street photographer who enjoys showcasing the beauty of the world with his children.
Once a street performer, now a street photographer, Osku draws his inspiration from the beauty captured through the art of photo taking.

Your Contemplative Photographer

Osku uses photography to bring joy, strength and moment of pause, timelessness, and empowerment.
Whether you want something contemplative, relaxing, joyful, posh art to interior walls, he’s got you covered with high-quality photos.Mesmerizing Wallart and Contemplative Photos from Magical Finland.

You can capture excellent contemplative photos with any equipment, so long as you know its limits.
Your camera will not limit your Flash of Perception or destroy your contemplative images.
Read also about the benefits of contemplative photography.

Contact Us:

Phone: +358453185117

Address: Läkkisepänkatu 2, 33270 Tampere, Finland


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